He said that the focus of Vallarta Pride, which will take place from May 19 to 26, is to place this city as the first beach city worldwide, especially now that they have the support and recognition of local authorities.

“We have the full support of the municipal government, the police, because they themselves are aware of the economic spillover generated by the gay community in Puerto Vallarta,” he said.

He said the GAYBORHOOD or gay neighborhood, known as the Romantic Zone is the area of greatest economic growth in Puerto Vallarta and is where most apartments exist because the community buys a place to live or to have and come on holiday.

He specified that there are about 100 blocks with apartments, bars, restaurants, beach clubs, hotels and many other businesses aimed at serving the LGBT community, and that is where national and foreign tourists from this community congregate.

With respect to Vallarta Pride, he recalled that the origin of this celebration was to recognize the rights of the community and on the other hand, it had an economic purpose, with the desire to do it in May because it was the month of least tourism.

Now, in its seventh edition, the traditional Vallarta Pride this year adopts the slogan “Love Included / Amor Incluido” and will be in charge of dressing the main streets of the most important port in the state of Jalisco.

The Festival, which will take place from May 19 to 26, has prepared a series of cultural, artistic and gastronomic events to delight the nearly 20 thousand national and international tourists who will meet at the destination to enjoy this great event.

He indicated that this Friday, May 17, they start with a meeting at the local town hall. “Previously there was a protest march and this time the approach was drastically changed because the mayor invited the community to the Municipal Presidency.”

He explained that Mayor Arturo Dávalos and some council members will give a speech to recognize the importance of the gay community for the growth of Puerto Vallarta; On May 19 there will be Vigil Sunday, which consists of recognizing people who have died of AIDS.

“The event will be held at the pier of the Romantic Zone and we ask people to come with a candle to light in honor of the deceased; On Wednesday we will have the first official event of Vallarta Pride with an official starter dinner. ”

He indicated that the Parade for Gay Pride will take place on Thursday, with at least 50 floats and everything with the motto of this seventh edition that is Amor Incluido with dyes from the sixties and seventies.

He reiterated that Puerto Vallarta has become a benchmark for gay tourism, recently “Playa Los Muertos” was recognized by the prestigious magazine Newsweek , as the second-best Gay Friendly beach in the world, after the Hilton beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, country of origin of the international ambassador of this edition, Eliad Cohen.

In addition, a representative of the destination participated in an OAS roundtable: Economic Prosperity for All: Tourism and the LGBT community, held in Washington, where the destination was recognized as the only one in Mexico to have a gayborhood.

For the first time in the history of the city and in recognition of the great support that the community has received from the municipal authorities, the mayor of the Municipality, Arturo Dávalos will be appointed local ambassador of the LGBTTT Community.

Vidal Meza said that this recognition is mainly for being a great promoter of the rights of the lesbian, gay and trans community of the city, in addition, both the mayor and his cabinet will be part of the traditional march of pride.

The musical part will be carried out by great guests such as the vocalist and composer Soraya Naoyin, the Australian Dan Slater and the Brazilian DJ Tommy Love.

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